Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot Walk and Cool Treats


After a leisurely morning of late sleeping, good coffee, and introducing Michael to overnight oats (he’s not a fan…boooo) I leashed up Chibi and Timmy and hit the streets of Fairfield for the Moss Street Paint In.

The art was amazing, the weather was lovely, and my hairless dog was the talk of the party.  :)  I’ll share my photos tomorrow.


1. Coffee with milk and water.

2. Overnight oats topped with pan-fried plantain.

3. Wannawafel!

4. Starbucks tall cool lime refresher.

5. Rye & caraway Triscuits and salami.

6. Watermelon.

7. Appetizer: lemon-herb oysters (I ate 2).

8. Grilled basa filet, steamed fresh rainbow chard, salad.

9. Blueberry-Yogurt Freezer Pie.

Bonus:  Hot Tubbin’ with a few sips of King Heffy. :)


The best part about making the trip across town for the Paint In was that I finally had the chance to wander the Moss Street Market as well.  I was too late for cherry tomatoes, but I did walk out with gorgeous rainbow chard and a bunch of perfect beets. 


Just a beautiful day for me and my entourage. 

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