Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Eats and Good Times


Big day of getting a start on renovating Michael’s basement suite.  First, I spent an hour digging weeds out of the garden and picking the first batch of strawberries.  Then tried my hand at picking out just the right paint colours and staring blankly at the ENTIRE AISLE of baseboards.  My brain hurt.




1. Breakfast cookie.

2. Coffee with almond milk, water, and bumbleberry banana smoothie made with almond milk and cottage cheese.

3. Green Tea Iced Tea.

4. Lunchtime snack plate: salami, chicken, brie, cheddar, olives, 1/2 Kaiser roll with tomatoes.

5. Watermelon.

6. BBQ burger patty with mustard, avocado, fresh basil and sautéed onions on the side.  Cheesy broccoli and cauliflower.

7. Fresh picked strawberries over vanilla ice cream.


Don’t attempt to get Home Depot to colour match a Rona colour for a sample.  You wind up with a greyish white, instead of a sandy beige. 



After a quick dog walk and breakfast with my sweetie, I hopped in the car and headed for Nanaimo to visit my Mom and my friend Christy.

Mama rescued this wee little toy poodle recently.  Meet Koda.  He’s 4.4 scrawny little pounds and just had all but two of his teeth removed.


Look at those gangly legs!  Cuddly little sweetheart though!

Random eats…


1. Grilled ham, over medium egg on whole wheat toast with brie.

2. Coffee with almond milk.

3. Starbucks grande non-fat half sweet vanilla dark coffee misto.

4. Baby Salsa Sante Fe (chicken & guac) burrito with no mayo.

5. Dinner in the car: baby carrots with hummus, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Luna Bar, fresh cherries.

It would have been faster to hit a drive-thru for dinner on the road, but a quick stop at the grocery store saved me money, calories, and guilt. :)  Plus I have a lot of leftover hummus for this week.


PS:  My Mama bought me a new purse.  LOVE.  {Aldo}

How was your weekend?  Hope you are ready for another lovely week!

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Christy said...

LOL, I wondered if you had taken a photo of your SB ;) Love the purse and that is a great pic of your mom!! :)