Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Ate and a Lesson Learned


Happy Monday everyone!  Pretty nice sunset was going down tonight.


1. Coffee with almond milk and water (x4 all day).

2. Vanilla yogurt with blueberries.

3. Breakfast cookie.

4. Leftover Kind bar.

5. Lunch plate: hummus, rice crackers, carrots, cukes, tomatoes and light Laughing Cow.

6. Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate square.

7. Shrimp tacos with mango-raspberry salsa. Holy yum.

8. 100 calorie Revello.

9. Rice cracker snacker.


Don’t not attempt this at home.  I repeat.  Do not try to blend your chocolate protein smoothie powder into your afternoon iced coffee.  It does NOT taste good. 

On the bright side, I saved 125 calories.  On the dark side, I wasted a brand new $2 pouch of Vega and a perfectly good cup of iced coffee with UVAB.

Live and learn!

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