Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I Ate Today


1. Water (x5 today!) and coffee with almond milk.

2. Overnight Oats with plum.

3. Lunch Salad: romaine, spinach, red onion, radish, carrot and white beans in pesto.

4. Iced Coffee with almond milk.

5. Sea Salt Chocolate.

6. Rice chips and leftover plum.

7. Massaged kale salad topped with grilled honey-soy chicken breast.

8. Watermelon and mint.

9. Apple and sunflower butter.


Workout buddy!

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DaMora said...

I could go for some watermelon and mint right now.

andrea. said...

Everything looks delicious -- so fresh and summery!

What do you use to make these collages? I really like them!