Monday, September 10, 2012

Beerfest and Brunch

Another year, another Great Canadian Beer Festival.


This year I did things a little differently.  I opted to cancel my volunteer shift at the last minute and bought a ticket to attend Friday’s festivities instead of Saturday’s.  After a short survey of my friends on Facebook I came to the unsettling conclusion that 99% of my Beerfesting friends were going on Friday…and drinking somewhat alone on Saturday didn’t seem like much fun.


Laura and I spent the day sipping our way through pretty much all of the fruity beers in the park, and taste tested our favourite stouts and porters. 

This year’s highlight for me again came from Salt Spring Island Ales…they brought along a Gruit (say it with me…Scottish accent and all…GRRRRROOT!) that was delicious, herbacious and hop-free!  Almost as good as my favourite of theirs…the Heatherdale Ale….also hop-free. 


There were a few crazy letdowns this year too.  I think some of the brewers are trying too hard to create something ‘different’.  ‘Smoky’ seemed a theme amongst the dark beers and we didn’t enjoy any of them.  A beer that starts our smelling like a horse barn probably should go back to the drawing board.


I enjoyed attending on a Friday this time and may have to consider this the new way to do it.  :)


The next morning was the perfect opportunity for a carb-heavy brunch.  A few of us shook off our Beerfest headaches and headed to The Superior Cafe for good eats and chit-chat.


It was a toss up for me between the Chorizo Hash or the Breakfast Poutine, but Michael opted for the poutine so I went with the hash.


Both dishes were so flavourful, hearty, and a little something different.  In the end I was glad I got the hash because I loved the little kick from the chorizo and the over easy eggs broken over the fresh hash browns were just what my tummy wanted.

But I’d go back tomorrow for pulled pork poutine with poached eggs and hollandaise.  I see a #Pouteam mission in the making!


The best part about doing Beerfest on the Friday? 

Having the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday free! 

Do you Beerfest?

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