Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How was your long weekend?

Ours was lovely!  We spent part of the weekend doing chores, but took all of Sunday to ourselves for a day off and a mini road trip.  Much needed!


We made a stop in cute little Cowichan Bay…where the views are perfect and the ice cream was seriously the best either of us has ever had. 


Then we dawdled down the back roads of Duncan where Michael showed me the farm he grew up on.  The cows were wondering what we were doing in their driveway.  Everybody wave!!!


Then it was down a steep trail to ‘Hell’s Gate’…where Michael and his siblings used to swim when they were kids.  Too icy cold for this gal, but I enjoyed watching Michael and his brother reminisce about their childhood.


On the way home we decided the day would be complete with a fresh crab dinner back in Cowichan Bay.  Nothing says Island living to me like a feast of crab just off the boat!


We stayed a little later than we’d planned, but the AMAZING sunset was worth it.  *sigh*

I love it when the weather and the traffic cooperate for a long weekend adventure!  What all did you kids get up to?

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