Saturday, September 22, 2012

Local Celebs

It had to happen eventually.

I mean, how could it not?

#Pouteam was picked up by the paparazzi!!

Er, well, the local news anyway.


Last month we had a fairly large group meeting for gourmet poutine at Heron Rock Bistro in James Bay.  Just after we all placed our orders, we looked up to find a TV camera and grinning reporter at the end of our table.


Adam Sawatsky took some time to chat with a few members of Pouteam…some new, some old…while we enjoyed our mid-week treat.  Sandi (seen above) rallied as the spokesperson giving #Pouteam a good name.  Personally I just tried to eat my fries daintily as the cameraman surveyed our meals and our faces.  :)

Later that evening we made both the 5:00 and 11:00 news.

We’re famous!


As for the food, Heron Rock had some really fun poutine choices.  Mine was bacon and blue cheese.  Obviously, to die for. 

Oh, I also just found this write-up about the meal from Victoria Mag blogger Simon.  He and his bud were first timers and made the news!

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