Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shawnigan Saturday


Within minutes of changing my Beerfest plans, I received a text from Michael asking if we now had time to spend the afternoon with some friends of his on Saturday.  I knew I changed those plans for a good reason!


Turns out those friends live in a lovely house right on Shawnigan Lake!  I can’t remember the last time I visited Shawnigan.  Years I know.  Odd, since it’s only about a 40 minute drive.


The weather was gorgeous so we spent the afternoon sitting on the dock, then riding around the lake in the speedboat.  Oh, the rough life it is. :)



Our friends wanted to take the little girl from next door for a tube for her birthday.  I’ve never been tubing (and I’m not about to start now) but watching her out there was soooo fun!  We dragged her all over the lake and she held on like a trooper.


When we finally pulled her in she wasn’t even out of breath, and barely even wet!

Next up:  Michael!  I have an excellent 6 minute video of dragging him all over the lake too!  I think maybe our driver was a little more, um, ‘aggressive’ with the driving on Michael’s turn. 


After we towed him back to the dock, it was time for dinner and drinks on the patio. 


After dinner we spent some more time chatting before hitting the dark back roads home.  A lovely little getaway.  Even if only a half hour from home!

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Lynn said...

Now that looks like a perfect Saturday! :)