Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Wedding Shower


A few weeks ago our friend Nicole got married.  It was a small, simple family wedding and no one threw her a shower!


So a few of us girls decided that we didn’t care if she was already married, she couldn’t very well live happily ever after without a shower!


So we used it as an excuse to buy her prezzies, wear cute dresses, drink champagne, and make a table full of delicious retro snacks.


Cheeseball, salmon pinwheels, devilled eggs, onion dip, gruyere puffs, chips, veggies, and pink popcorn!


Pretty hair, pretty dresses, pretty jewellery.  Handsome Bear.  :)


And cake.  Pink cake.  Orange Glow Chiffon Cake to be precise. 


Once upon a time, 1950’s housewives believed orange to be the new lemon and chiffon to be the new Angel food.  It didn’t stick, but it sure was delicious. 


Congratulations Nicole! 

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Lady J said...

What more could a girl ask for... a perfect 'just married' shower, put on by perfect and wonderful friends, with perfect '50s' food and treats, lovely gifts, much fun, and a perfect 'Bear' as well. Congratulations Nicole, wish you a long and happy marriage!! xox

TL said...

I just love your blog. xo