Friday, October 12, 2012

Thanksgiving for Two


Sometimes I randomly get inspired to cook a meal for four.  Even when there’s only two of us coming to the table.  This happened for last weekend’s Thanksgiving meal.


We weren’t planning on cooking a festive feast, but after discussing the fact that there was a nice roasting chicken just sitting in the freezer waiting to be used we got inspired to put a meal together.


(do you know this is the first time I’ve ever made real cranberry sauce?  Hey Mom, this year don’t buy the canned stuff at Xmas.  LOL.  Who knew it was as easy as boiling some sugar and water?)


My main motivation for making this meal was knowing we would be throwing together some Brussels with Bacon.  Oh yum.  I could just eat a big bowl of those…who needs the rest?!


Beer can BBQ chicken with rosemary, gravy made from homemade chicken stock, sour cream whipped potatoes, the magic Brussels sprouts, smashed carrots & turnips, homemade cranberry sauce, fresh bread and chilled white wine. 


And homemade pumpkin pie of course.  Another first.  Another winner.

I am thankful for a sweet man, three sweet dogs, and a relaxing weekend in the kitchen.  xo

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Lady J said...

You're reminding me a lot these past few months of a much younger me, back in the days when I really enjoyed putting a nice meal together. Your Thanksgiving dinner looks so yummy... my domestic goddess daughter!! I'm very thankful for you. xoxo

Teamdaub said...

That brussel sprouts dish looks amazing! Can't wait to try it for our Thanksgiving.

steve smith said...

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