Monday, November 12, 2012

Seven Days Later

Well I’m definitely less grumpy, less melted down, and feeling less sorry for myself this week.  Not sure I’m more motivated, but the plan I laid out worked so that’s a step in the right direction.

Eating the same thing for lunch all week was no big deal at all.  In fact, it was good enough that I just made another batch for this week.


Quinoa with roasted veggies, steamed spinach and goat cheese.  Easy peasy.

The fun part of the week was trying out new smoothies every morning.  I got into the routine of deciding what kind I was making the night before (while laying in bed), whipping it up after walking my dog, taking it to work to stash in the freezer for half an hour, then sipping on it for an hour or so. 


A little weird to break out the frosty breakfast at the same time as I had to start scraping ice off my car windows, but tasty nonetheless.

(I posted all of my smoothie creations on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter).

The biggest helper was involving the girls I share office space with.  Letting them know that I was determined to avoid snacks that I didn’t pack or plan really made life easier.  I felt supported and at ease when presented with potential sabotage.

  • On the very first day some generous jerk left Tim Horton’s muffins up for grabs in our coffee room.  There was a salted something chocolate or other in there and I just stared at it with disdain.  Then high-fived my office mate when we didn’t cave. 
  • The next day a meeting got cancelled so they put the deli trays out for the whole office.  My favourite egg salad on squishy white bread tried to call my name, but I mentally punched it in the throat.  The delicious bakery cookies got themselves a dropkick in my brain too.  Another high-five.

Overall I’m really happy with how everything went down and I’m just going to head into this next week with a similar plan and thought process.  My birthday is on Thursday so Michael is going to take me out for dinner, and while I don’t want to deprive myself on a lovely date dinner I’ll try not to throw myself into a massive dish of creamy pasta or a steak & potato the size of my face.

A buttercream topped cupcake I would gladly faceplant into though. :)

A huge shout out to all of you that left me supportive comments, tweets, likes and messages.  I miss the old days of blogging where we all chit-chatted and shared our struggles.  Sometimes the whiney blog posts are the best ones!

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