Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pre-January Joiner

Six months ago I lost my workout mojo.  Summer fun kept me out of the gym, and then I took on the full-time second job which all but ate up any extra time I had.  After four months of wasting my gym membership dues, I quit.  I knew at the time that it may be a bad idea to fully quit because then I had nothing pulling me to get back to working out, but at the same time the whole point of working two jobs is to save money so wasting $52 a month was counterproductive.


Since then I’ve done some research on other gym options around Victoria.  I need something cheaper, and more importantly something convenient.  If I’m going to fit a workout in between jobs and making sure my little pooper is looked after, then it has to be at a place I can get to quickly and easily.

A couple of weeks ago I came across an 8-Day Free Trial at Steve Nash Fitness World.  It’s so close to home I could probably reach out an touch it on a clear day. I took the quick intro tour of the gym, the manager set me up with my pass, and told me about the membership details, and I went on my merry way.  After almost exactly six months out of the gym, I was slightly terrified that my lungs might collapse and I wouldn’t be able to carry more than a 3 pound weight.


Thankfully I can still jog at a good pace, I can still walk a set of lunges, and I can still curl a couple of dumbbells.  I might have had to start with one set, and I might have needed a good epsom bath after only 24 squats, but I did it.  And I had fun.  And I went back three more times during that 8 day pass.


On my fourth trip to the gym, I signed up for a membership.  I don’t care that their gym is older and less fancy than Goodlife.  It’s less than half the price I was paying before, it’s so close to home I can’t very well use inconvenience as an excuse, and it has every piece of equipment or class I could ever want.  Next week I will take advantage of a free session with one of the personal trainers, get my body composition recorded and set myself some simple short term goals. 


By joining before the January rush I feel like I pre-empted any feelings I might potentially have about it being a New Year’s resolution that could fail.  Instead it’s just a lovely Christmas present to myself that I am looking forward to getting tons of use out of.  Merry Christmas to me, indeed!

Anyone else find their fitness mojo this holiday season?  Any suggestions for keeping the feeling going through the New Year?

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Nadia said...

Guess where I got an 8-day pass today?? I hate being a "January joiner" - I have actually been going to a gym (at work), but want something with classes and more variety. Plus, I hate going into work on my days off to work out. So maybe we'll finally cross paths?!

Allan Marsh said...

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