Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Burning Up

Last week I was enjoying the treadmill so much, I went for an extra day just because.  What’s up with THAT?!  I’ll take it.


I’m sure it had something to do with wanting to play with my new toy.  I finally bit the [midnight internet shopping] bullet and bought myself a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  Call it a belated Christmas prezzie to myself!


How could I resist a pink cutie like this?  I mean, come on! 


It’s so nice to finally have an accurate calorie count for my workouts…makes it so much easier to log and meal plan.  I also really enjoy watching my heart rate and planning my cardio days for low vs high intensity.  Totally worthwhile gadget!

So here we are a full month into my new gym membership and workout routine.  Yesterday was the very first day where a planned workout was foiled and I actually got grumpy about it.  My gym time is precious and I don’t like it being taken away!  I did everything in my power to get my make-up session today.  500 calories, take that!


Oddly, I think I look thinner on Day One.  I blame my stance. :)

Happy thoughts for this week:

  • There’s always another time for a missed workout.
  • I lost another pound.
  • Hummus was on sale.
  • I burn more calories than the gym equipment told me.
  • Our vacation is just 16 days away.
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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hitting My Stride

Here we are--now more than a full week into the New Year and it appears the resolution motivation has taken over the world!  Or, at least the world inside this little bubble of my life.  :)  Totally loving all of the excitement, challenges, happy faces, sweaty faces, healthy eats and workout plans that have taken over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I purposely haven’t set any written goals.  My return to the gym was a gift to myself--not a resolution.  No unnecessary pressure for this gal.  I have motivation and enjoyment in my corner, and that is everything I need right now.  All I need is to push myself just a wee bit harder every time I step in the gym door, and as long as I see even the teensiest of results each time I will be a happy camper.  Fitting the gym into my hectic schedule has been tough but it’s doable and making it happen is a priority to me.  And when I meet my priorities it’s easier to keep on going.


The one goal I did set is a weight loss goal for January because we are going on vacation in February and I will be a whole lot more comfortable in last Summer’s shorts if I lose a few pounds.  I’ll even treat myself to a new bathing suit if I can reach my goal.  You know, because bathing suit shopping is soooo much fun. *grumble  Bahaha!


Happy thoughts for this week:

  • I’ve already lost more than a pound.
  • I upped my weights for bicep curls and tricep kickbacks.
  • I went from jogging 1 minute at a time, to 3 minutes at a time.
  • My bum looks great doing deadlifts.
  • We discovered a deeelish low-cal curry shrimp recipe. 

What keeps you motivated?  Did you set New Year’s resolutions?

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Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!  IMG_2926

We decided to take it easy this New Year’s Eve.  After hosting two parties during Christmas, we were happy to hang out just the two of us. 


No designated driver needed.  No dog sitter or overnight bags to pack.  No cab to call.  No dinner reservations.  No uncomfy shoes!


While I headed to the gym for one extra 2012 workout, Michael headed to the grocery store to get a few treats for our evening.  As I laid on my gym mat doing my final stretches I received a text message…. something about a couple of 3 pound lobsters.  Um, 3 pounds?  Each?  Yowza.


That’s a lot of lobstah!  We ate the tails and then cracked up the rest to use in the morning. 


After dinner we embarked on a marathon of Downton Abbey Season One.  Yep, we are 89 years old and that’s how we roll.  What?  We had champagne and shenanigans.


I don’t know about you party animals, but it was just what I needed to ring in the New Year.  Comfy, cozy, perfect.


Well, all that and a delicious plate of lobster eggs benedict. Happy New Year!

Chibi NYE

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