Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hitting My Stride

Here we are--now more than a full week into the New Year and it appears the resolution motivation has taken over the world!  Or, at least the world inside this little bubble of my life.  :)  Totally loving all of the excitement, challenges, happy faces, sweaty faces, healthy eats and workout plans that have taken over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I purposely haven’t set any written goals.  My return to the gym was a gift to myself--not a resolution.  No unnecessary pressure for this gal.  I have motivation and enjoyment in my corner, and that is everything I need right now.  All I need is to push myself just a wee bit harder every time I step in the gym door, and as long as I see even the teensiest of results each time I will be a happy camper.  Fitting the gym into my hectic schedule has been tough but it’s doable and making it happen is a priority to me.  And when I meet my priorities it’s easier to keep on going.


The one goal I did set is a weight loss goal for January because we are going on vacation in February and I will be a whole lot more comfortable in last Summer’s shorts if I lose a few pounds.  I’ll even treat myself to a new bathing suit if I can reach my goal.  You know, because bathing suit shopping is soooo much fun. *grumble  Bahaha!


Happy thoughts for this week:

  • I’ve already lost more than a pound.
  • I upped my weights for bicep curls and tricep kickbacks.
  • I went from jogging 1 minute at a time, to 3 minutes at a time.
  • My bum looks great doing deadlifts.
  • We discovered a deeelish low-cal curry shrimp recipe. 

What keeps you motivated?  Did you set New Year’s resolutions?

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JavaChick said...

Good for you and I hope things are still going well!