Monday, February 25, 2013

A Wee Catch Up! (with sneak peek)

Hey you guys!!  How are you?!!  So much has happened since we last spoke!  Hopefully this post marks the re-start of the spark here on my little ol’ blog. :)

January was an utter whirlwind.  I don’t know how else to describe it…life was busy!  Some big news is that I finished up my Job #1.  After more than six months of working my new full time job, as well as holding down my old job in the evenings it was finally time to let go.  I’m going to miss that job (and the dual paycheques!) but it was the right time to move on and get my life back.  I met all the goals I set for myself so even though I struggled with the situation at first, I’m glad it all happened now. 

Training my replacement was draining!  I wanted to be sure she got the best possible training from me and as such, she and I spent A LOT of time on Skype.  I put in more hours than usual so that I could ensure all of my own work was completed, I could write up notes and training plans, and participate in the actual training calls.  I sure hope that everything is working out for her! 

In addition to the extra evening and weekend hours, I kept up my gym schedule too.  I now forget what my goal for January was…but let’s just say it was to hit the gym as often as I could without exhausting myself. :) I’m so pleased with how things went!  As a bonus I lost 4 pounds throughout the month!

Of course, the biggest thing that has happened is that Michael and I went on a super duper vacation for the first two weeks of February.  We took a 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise (no, not THAT Carnival one!), followed by 5 days in New Orleans for Mardi Gras!  We had a great time and I have soooo much to tell you guys about the trip.  As usual I came home with about a billion and one photos, so bear with me while I get those all sorted and ready to share.

There were lots of highlights on the trip, but one of the best things was that I didn’t gain any weight!  Haha.  Trust me, I was worried.  We managed two pretty good workouts in the ship’s awesome gym, but aside from the usual tourist walking and such it wasn’t a terribly active vacation.  And the food was abundant.  Oh so delicious and abundant.  We waddled out of the dining room on more than one evening.  I chalk the success up to boosting my metabolism a fair bit with lots of workouts for the six weeks before vacation.  Or the fact that I came home with a full blown cold, lost my appetite, and didn’t weigh myself for three days post-vacay. ;)

So now we’re home, caught up on the 99% full PVR, and settled back into work.  With my new one-job routine I can finally claim my evenings back and start tackling some projects I’ve had on the backburner for months.  I don’t know what any of this means for this here blog, but at the very least I won’t feel like I have to abandon it completely anymore.  Whatever happens, you all at least have vacation photos to look forward to.  :)  If there’s anything in particular you’ve been missing since I slowed things down around here, let me know!

Hope you’ve all been well.  Talk soon!  Jaime

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Amy Muldoon said...

Welcome back tootsie pop! xo