Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Establishing a Fitness Routine

They say it takes at least 21 days to establish a new routine.  Nothing makes that clearer than starting a new workout and nutrition plan. 

Any of you that follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook probably know that last month I decided to tackle a local outdoor boot camp.  My fitness routine had been haphazard at best for quite some time, and even when I was dragging my ass to the gym it seemed like every little ache and body pain I had would sideline me.  I just could not get into a routine.

After hearing great reviews of this boot camp from a friend, and meeting the instructor in a social setting, I decided maybe she was exactly what I needed.  Three days a week, accountability, and a strict but simple nutrition plan…all things that would be easy to take on.  Plus it comes with a price tag…if I’m paying I’m going!

During week one I really killed it compliance-wise.  Even though I felt a little down that I was actually one of the least fit people in the group (when I thought I’d be in the middle of the pack) I showed up for every class rain or shine and ate just as I had been instructed.

…until about day 10.  Oh day 10, and 11, and 12, 13, 14.  What a rough week!!  I had nutso cravings, and was exhausted, and got sooooo grumpy.  Every time I make a big change to my diet I get super grumpy.  I still went to every class and felt good about it after the fact, but did bitch and moan a lot.  Eventually the grumpies passed…thank God!

By the end of the four weeks I had done a fair bit of cheating (stupid Easter candy) and was fairly certain I hadn’t lost any weight or any inches.  I knew I shouldn’t worry about the scale because I had seen my fitness level increase during the month, but you know how it is…you need to see some sort of tangible result!  Well for me, that was measurements.  I’d lost 9.5 inches overall.  Just think if I hadn’t cheated so much!

So I’ve signed up again and this time I’m feeling like now that I have conquered the first round grumpies and seen some success it will be easier to keep a good attitude and stay compliant.  On our rest week between camps it would have been easy to go off the rails, but instead I went to the gym and did three DIY boot camp-style workouts and kept my eating as close to on-plan as I could.  I enjoyed a few cheats for a few social engagements and got right back on track when camp started up again yesterday.

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I feel confident that this is now mostly routine.  I’m past that 21 day hump, and it’s starting to just become ‘life’.  Here’s to a good attitude, hardass workouts, a great support system, and a healthy eating plan!  I can do this.

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